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The Sun god is considered to be the king of the planets. By His grace the life of the human beings develops. Ruby is prescribed to strengthen the debilitated position of the Sun. Ruby is a very precious and beautiful gem. This is called by different names according to the places it is found at. Most of the names of Ruby are found in Sanskrit language. 
Now in India also, Ruby is being extracted from mines. So extracted in South India, this is opaque. This is pink in color. Found in South India, it is not thought to be of high quality. 
Use of the gem: The weight of Ruby should be 5 - 8 carats. It should be worn on ring finger on a Sunday morning after having bath, washing the gem with raw milk, and worshiping the Sun with recitation of the following Mantra being sat east facing. The gem should be worn again the same way if it is broken, lost or stolen.
Mantra:   Om Ghrunih Suryaaya Namah
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