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Dragon Boat

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Dragon Boat

dragon boat is sailed by the eight immortals. The most auspicious place for your dragon boat is near your front door facing in, to symbolize prosperity coming your way. Sail the boat to heaven. As legend has it, they are supposed to guide you to your ambitions and goals. With their support and backing, they say you are almost guaranteed of success. The pervading legend is that the eight immortals were originally sent down from the heavens to assist people in their time of need. Each of them were gifted with special abilities that set them apart from the rest. They could only re-enter heaven if they succeeded in helping people achieve their ambitions. Your boat to heaven shows all the eight immortals returning to heaven. A definitive symbol of success. Your boat to heaven is intricately detailed with the head of a dragon. The dragon is portrayed clutching a pearl in its mouth, the key to heavens gate. An excellent gift for the boss or that friend with the new job or promotion.

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